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Alternative For India Development (AID) is a pan India NGO that emerged as an umbrella organisation representing several small community organisations. AID originated in the year 1982 by a group of activists and social scientists.

Majority of the founding members were active leaders in Youth movement of 1974 called ChatraYuvaSangarshVahini (CYSV) fighting against injustice, corruption, illiteracy, exploitation, poverty, unemployment and other social and economic evils.

The uniqueness of this movement was, it was a peaceful movement working towards "Total Revolution". Its ideological basis is grass roots democracy consisting of non-violence, decentralisation, and egalitarianism, secular and peaceful.

The activists were doing commendable voluntary work among the community. Their basic needs of food and shelter were also supported only through the community forums. Fighting against several odds of physical and violent threats of vested interests they did an extraordinary job of mobilising, organising and educating the masses to fight against injustices.

The limitations were lack of broader analysis and national perspectives to co-relate the micro level realities to the macro level. Appropriate legal, technical and financial support to carry on their missions at the ground level without any stumbling blocks.

To overcome these limitations it was decided that a structured legal body would ensure unstinted support to the grassroots activists to carry on their mission at the ground level unhindered. Alternative For India Development (AID) was established to provide institutional, financial, social and technical support to the various community forums and also to propel them towards structured path of sustainable development.

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