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Mobile Science Education and training programme (Jharkhand and T.Nadu) :

Mobile science, health, school education programs and scientific practices for agricultural and better forest produce is the focus of these 4 mobile units functioning in the states of Jharkhand and T.Nadu.

It has been found that this mobile education unit attracts large numbers of children to the centers. On the day when this unit is in the schools the attendance of the children has been 100%. It has been assessed that this has been one of the most popular forms of education. Since the areas are remote and inaccessible and there are no communicable roads or electricity, there are no means of entertainment for the people through the electronic media. Hence this education attracts the children to a greater extent.

The mobile education is being operated in two areas of Jharkhand and T.Nadu and approximately 1,05,000 people participated so far in this program .

Multiple display of cultural shows, songs and dramas, audio-visual aids such as slide shows and TV shows all aided by generators and batteries are held in different remote tribal villages as there is no availability of electricity in these villages.

These mobile units in the morning hours concentrates on the schools in the region both private and government and in the evening hours it runs the shows in the different villages. The adolescent girl groups, youth groups and the women forums makes the platform for running these shows in their villages.

During the market days and special functions in the village this mobile unit now occupies one of the important positions in the programmes for the day and in such events the reachout to the public is quiet large.

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