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ICT For E Transformation :

AID has taken up a massive challenge of setting up IT kiosks in 600 panchayats covering the districts of Palamu, Garwah and Latehar in the state of Jharkhand covering 3 million population, 3000 villages and 600 panchayats. It has defied all odds and established 600 Common service centres at 600 panchayats in collaboration with the Central Govt of India and State Govt of Jharkhand towards fulfilling the ambitious mission of National E Governance Programme (NeGP). These kiosks are also called as PragyaKendras in the state and are delivering e governance services, banking, aadhar and portal based services which include both government services such as issuing the passports, Pan cards, National Pension scheme and private business services. The banking kiosks at the panchayat level are also delivering Direct debit transfers to the beneficiaries under the welfare schemes of pensions of old age, widow, diability, pregnant women , students stipend and the wages under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Program ( MGNarega).

  • Vikalp Community Radio
  • Voice for Voiceless through community radio for poverty reduction, Jharkhand, India.
  • Community radio for empowerment of dalit women
  • Common Service Centres
  • Computer literacy for government school going youth

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