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Adhikar Shivir( Camp For Rights & Entitlements) :

The Government of Jharkhand organised "AdhikarShivir" all over Jharkhand at Panchayat, Block and District levels from 19th May to 24th May 2014. The main objective of this camp to enable all the excluded beneficiaries of various schemes to be enrolled on the spot. AID participated in a big way by mobilising and enabling the poor from the villages to participate and obtain benefits out of the same. It also provided platform for opening bank accounts through its banking units and aadhar enrolment and up gradation were done as well. 1175 bank accounts were opened and 755 persons enrolled for Aadhar.

Job Fair For Inclusive Employment :

A Job Fair for persons with disabilities - "Towards Inclusive Employment" - Confederation of Indian Industries (CII’s) at Spastics Society of T.Nadu, Taramani Chennai was held on 8th August 2014.21 Major corporate companies took part in the Job fair. AID also participated in the event along with candidates who had successfully completed skill building training of AID in partnership with Aircel . Mobile phone repairing and BPO were skill trades provided by AID. 24 of its trained candidates got placement in Tata consultancy ,HCL, Flextronics and AIGS companies.

National Lok Adalat :

On 6th December 2014, National Lok Adalat was held nationally. AID has set up 10 Justice hubs in Palamu, Garwah and Latehar districts in Jharkhand regions in partnership with UNDP to bring about decentralisation of justice delivery services at grass roots level. These Justice hubs brought about awareness among the people about the National Lok Adalat and enabled them to participate in large numbers. It also directly enabled 120 people to open bank accounts through its outlets and generated Aadhaar cards for 19 persons at the camp.

National Lok Adalat :

On 10th January 2015, second National Lok Adalat was held in the states of Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir. AID mobilised the public through legal literacy awareness programs and enabled them to participate in this program in districts of Garwah,Palamu and Latehar districts in Jharkhand.

At Garwah region we provided the details of services provided to Aadhar - 5085, Bank account 7719, 108 Pan cards, 1505 e nagarik certificates for Income, caste and Nativity and 156 legal cases totalling to 14,573 in the intervening period of 6th Dec 2014 to 8th Jan 2015 alone. Also we set up Banking and Aadhaar stall at the venue in which 93 people directly benefitted by opening bank accounts and aadhaar enrolment.

At Palamu region we provided the details of benefits provided by AID in the last one month through Pragya Kendras were submitted to DLSA. 16480 benefitted through 7045 aadhaar enrolment, 6125 bank accounts opened,3145 persons received income, caste and nativity certificates and 165 issues related to legal cases. In this venue 32 persons were enrolled for Aadhar and 26 persons accounts at bank were opened.

In Latehar region the details of benefits provided by AID through Pragya Kendras were submitted to DLSA. 12884 persons were enabled to open bank accounts through Jan Dhan Yojana and in the venue Aadhaar enrolment camp was conducted in which 39 got benefit, 19 bank accounts opened and 123 legal cases were brought forth and submitted to DLSA.

Special Aadhar Camps For The Disabled & Awareness On Rights & Entitlements :

AID organized a special Aadhar enrollment camp in LateharSadar Block in Latehar district of Jharkhand on the 16th December 2014 in collaboration and with the support of the Block Development Officer. Due to excessive crowds in the Aadhar enrollment camps, the disabled had great difficulty in accessing the services. So it was discussed with the officials to enable us to arrange a special camp and drive exclusively to enable the disabled to enroll and obtain their Aadhar cards. 30 persons obtained benefit from this camp and the participation of BDO served as an additional opportunity to clarify the problems being faced by the disabled on issues such as denial of pension, scholarships, lack of special schools, tricylces, Hearing aids, spectacles and jobs for them. The participants were happy that they could not only fulfill the aadhar requirements but it also enabled them to have face to face discussions with the concerned officials.

Legal Awareness Camps :

In Garhwa District, in December 2014, we have conducted 21 free Legal awareness camps (12 at community level and 9 at school Level) through DLSA and project team with the mobilization of Common Service Centers. We had covered 21 Panchayats in three blocks of GarhwaSadar, Meral and Ramna. Through the camps, 105 legal issues were collected and forwarded to District Legal Services Agency (DLSA) for further action. 567 people participated in the camps.

Citizens Grievance Redressal Mechanisms :

In Latehar district of Jharkhand a special session was arranged on 28th December for the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE’s) on the various mechanisms available for grievance redress. The online portal available and how to access the various online mechanism of the government for grievance redresses, the salient features of the Jharkhand Electronic Service Act 2011 and the role the VLE’s can play to delineate the same were demonstrated. How they can use the services of District Legal Services Authorities were also dwelled upon.

Lok Adalat At Latehar :

Every month on the last Sunday LokAdalat is held at the District Legal Services agency premises. For the first 4-mintime a joint session was organised in collaboration with AID on 20th December 2014. In this camp 29 people got direct benefit from DLSA services and Aadhar enrolment. The main grievances in the camp were around delay in payment of wages under MGNAREGA, Denial of pension payment/pension enrolment, Denial of Below Poverty line card, Problems related to Indira AwasYojana enrolment and delay in payment and lack of Aadhar identity.

Legal Awareness For Community Based Organisations In Latehar :

Members of the Self-Help Groups, School Management Committees, Health committees, youth and local forums participated in Legal awareness training on 30th December 2014. The main emphasis of the training was role of the CBO’s in helping to resolve the legal disputes using the mechanism of DLSA. It was stressed these services are free and the procedures are simple and how it quickens the delivery of justice. The ideas of redistributive justice to the lay people and how DLSA services contribute towards justice for the marginalised poor were dwelt upon.

Educational Audit Conducated :

An educational audit was conducted in a remote village of Tarahsi block in Palamu district of Jharkhand. It was for the first time concerned district official of the education department – Deputy District Superintend participated. Social audit cum public hearing was conducted with active support of the School Management Committee and the parents. Different education issues were raised by the parents and they also suggested what are the steps that could be taken. 188 villagers participated in the same.

Convergence Meeting On Entitlements:

200 meetings were conducted in various villages of Palamu district with the CBO’s on convergence with MGNREGA,PDS and other social schemes. These were targeted to those families who are highly insecured with their livelihood which becomes road block for enabling their children to attend schools and hence forced to contribute for the family’s economy. In these meetings more than 3113 villagers participated.

Dalit Children Mela :

In Naudiha village of Lesliganj block of Palamu district –Dalit Mela was conducted in which nearly 1000 children participated. Cultural events, sports events and variety entertainment programs were conducted for the children. The best performing children were awarded as well.

Workshop On Right To Education :

A workshop on Right to Education was conducted in Medininagar of Palamu district in Jharkhand. Members of dalit federations, NGO’s and teachers participated in the same. Gaps in Right to Education in primary schools were highlighted in the workshop with evidences. District educational officials also participated in the same.

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