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Building Skills For Life

We help marginalized young people to thrive in a changing world by building their ‘skills for life’: their ability to protect and look after themselves, make a living and make informed life choices.

AID focus is on adolescents AGED 10 to 18, and on girls in particular. There are million adolescent girls in India

Adolescence is a time of key transitions, but too often these go wrong for girls: dropping out from school before reaching secondary level; or poor quality education; early or forced marriage; exposure to violence, abuse and HIV infection; early motherhood and high maternal mortality, danger of death in childbirth or HEALTH complications.

'Building Skills for Life' focuses on four main areas:

1 Education: We help girls to enroll and stay in school.

2 Sexual and reproductive health and rights: We aim to increase awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights and improve access to good quality HEALTH CARE and advice.

3 Protection from violence: Our work tackles attitudes to all forms of violence against girls.

4 Economic security Household poverty is often a major stumbling block preventing girls from accessing schools and healthcare. We support families to access resources such as government CASH transfer schemes, or to increase their income.

Across all areas of Building Skills for Life, we devote special attention to understanding how boys and girls are affected by different challenges, how boys and girls participate in decisions about their lives, and how they prepare to FACE possible natural and man-made risks.

Building skills for life in Garwah

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