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3 decades of work made a huge difference on the lives and livelihoods of the communities we worked with Building of strong social capital through creation, strengthening and sustaining of community forums of the poor living at the bottom of the pyramid. 5225 forums are thriving and working collectively.

Built Human capital of 178945 people living in extreme poverty conditions. This not only helped them to solve their own problems but propelled them to seek their rights through the community platforms on Right to Education, Right to Health, Right to Life, Right to Livelihoods and e governance initiatives.

Freedom from bondage – Worked towards identifying and addressing the needs of the most neglected sector of child labour in the hazardous sector of carpet labour and Mica industries. Our two decades efforts have ensured that the new generation is not involved in this hazardous sector any further.

Equal opportunities were created by ensuring 17894 girl children, 20865 child labourers, 35759 tribal and dalit children were mainstreamed to school education system. Right to Education has become a reality for these children.

Right to Life had been restored to 325 girl children who were targeted for female infanticide and protected and promoted 18755 girl children who were potentially in danger and thus promoting human development.

Empowered women by enabling them to address their social, health and financial issues and enabling them to equally participate in political process. 3,17,675 women have been direct benefactors of this process and now they are the Key change agents for change and claiming their legitimate entitlements.

Throughout its 28 years of investment on poor people, we have been catalytic agents to transform the life of the poor by become more secure, safe and resilient to face vulnerabilities and risks in life. Our drought and tsunami recovery efforts are the examples of our contribution to the humanity.

Human poverty and Income poverty was minimised among 27,500 women through micro credit and self employment. Enabled 24,500 dalits and tribal youth to become productive by enabling them with sustainable livelihoods.

Financial Inclusion has been one of the key planks to make it absolutely inclusive at the ground level by involving women, dalits, tribes , old and the disabled. Around 3,50,000 persons have been brought into this fold.

Establishing grass roots democracy through ICT has been a great challenge, innovation and most needed intervention in the region. Through the consistent and massive efforts - E Governance at the grass roots level has been ushered in massive way and it has been targeting towards 3 million population and its reach out has been phenomenal.

Community Radio established “ Voice to Voiceless”. It is another flagship innovation in the region brought about by AID. For the first time people’s voice, dialects and the issues close to them were brought into the mainstream Radio. More than 5000 episodes have been produced, broadcast and narrowcasted in 8 different dialects and languages.

We brought in new technologies such as community radio, Information and communication technology for the benefits of the poor by demystifying their technology for their prosperity to towards the road to new e-revolution in line with its tenets of total revolution. We are also instrumental in bringing the government and its services close to communities.

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