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Our Approach

Our Approach To Work :

We work in the Mission mode and our key missions are:

Education for all

Health for all

Elimination of Child labour

Livelihood Improvement Mission

Gender,Tribal and Dalit Empowerment

ICT for E Transformation

From Total Revolution To E Revolution :

It is 3 decades since AID has been established. In its long and deep committed relationship with the grass roots groups it has overcome several obstacles in the path of development. Established as an umbrella organisation to support the movement groups, it has crossed different phases and facets of changes within the organisation. Its first phase was totally dedicated to various movements and from there it evolved that movement needs to be combined with development projects. For the last two decades it partnered with various agencies in bringing about development through education, health, livelihood and ICT targeting the most excluded groups of dalits, tribes, women and children. Keeping in pace with the current trends from the last one decade it has combined the development with ICT. ICT is the key cross cutting feature in all its developmental initiatives. This is the only NGO which is actively collaborating with Central and state agencies to usher in e Governance , e Education, e Health, e Legal services in a big way.

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