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Rural Libraries :

In the region parched for the basic education to dream about library and that tooedu17 mobile library at their door step is maybe asking for too much.

But the fact remains the rural library with reference section and mobile section is a reality in the regions of singhbhum , Palamau and garwah in S.bihar. small rooms equipped with simple books on agricultural techniques , basic health practices, development infomration are made available in select villages. This is aimed to expose with more information and to update and enhance their knowledge. Further for those who are interested books are lent to their homes. Facilitators in the village are trained to inculcate and develop reading habit among the community members

In addition to the mobile libraries an central library is being established in each district to facilate the rural population in the region to utilise the library for reference work.

(This services increased the rural people's access to information. Since these information are related to their life and their reality, many of them have gained from this by way of knowing the government services ) .

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